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Negotiate Better Listing Commissions

If you are in the business of providing specialised sales and leasing services to commercial property investors and landlords, you will need to be well-versed in commission negotiations as well as commission standards for your location. Unreasonably large numbers of agents believe that they must discount their commission in order to secure the listing. Nothing could […]

Facts About Negotiating Commissions in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

Many of the property owners and business leaders that we serve and class as ‘clients’ or ‘prospects’ in commercial real estate brokerage, like to negotiate fees and commissions downward.  To them, it can be part of a ‘game’ to seek further value in their property challenge.  Don’t be too eager to respond to the ‘reduction’ […]


Defend Your Commercial Real Estate Commission – Don’t Reduce It

Have you ever had a client come to you and ask for a reduction in commission?  It’s a common problem, particularly with clients that want to ‘open list’ instead of ‘exclusively list’. If the client is looking for discounts from the very start of your relationship, you should ask yourself whether you really want the […]

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