Commercial Real Estate Brokers – Breakdown your Tactics to Get Better Results

When you look at your activities and opportunities in commercial real estate brokerage, you will see some advantages to be had when you breakdown your business tactics and refine them over time.  There are things to be seen and converted with listings, clients and marketing. Improved tactics can produce better results in sales, leasing, and […]

The 2 Critical Skills in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Today

As the property market changes in many different ways, there are two essential skills that will get you through most problems and challenges, no matter how difficult the property market may be.  If you refine and improve those two skills through practice, most issues and problems will lessen the impact that they may have on […]

Commercial Real Estate Agents – Boost Your Core Skills this Way to Attract More New Business

In the commercial real estate market, you can boost your commission and listing opportunities substantially through refining and improving your core skills.  There are certain things that will help you convert more clients and properties to your marketing process. It is interesting to note that many agents believe that the trends and the property market […]


7 Core Skills that Drive a Commercial Real Estate Agents Business

Commercial real estate sales is not the easiest industry to work in given that everything you do is based on relationships, knowledge, and professional skills.  Those three factors should be improved at a personal level if you want to rise to the top of the industry in your town or location.  That’s what top agents […]

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Simplicity in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

As real estate agents and brokers we sometimes overly complicate things and then frustrate the flow of new business or commissions. That is certainly is the case when it comes to prospecting, negotiating, and marketing.  These 3 core skills don’t need to be complicated; they should be simplified and structured for the individual agent.  That’s […]

Top Commercial Agent Focus Matrix

In commercial real estate today it is easy to see the top agents that really stand out in their market.  They do certain things each day that build advantages for them in market share, listings, and commissions. After talking with a number of top agents over the recent twelve months, I have put together a list […]

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