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Create Explosive Growth with a New Business Model Like This

Expand your market and your client list faster. In this podcast, we give you first-hand experience about clients and listings in this market. Find out how to boost your real estate business. Simply follow the directions and the ideas into your local area. Your first priority every day should be in connecting with new people. […]


How to Develop a High-Quality Client List

It is the clients who pay your fees, and not the tenants or buyers that may want the listing, so be careful who you serve. Know your client comprehensively and then ‘drill down’ on what they need and how the property market change and churn will work for them. When you have lots of listings, […]

How to Build a High-Quality Client List Faster

In commercial real estate, clients are everything and should form the basis of your business and ongoing prospecting activities.  There are ways to do that faster and achieve better results than the averages.  Get your client contact system underway and you will find the right people, listings, and transactions all waiting to be converted. Here […]


How to Get Clients for a New Commercial Real Estate Business

When you start a career in commercial real estate brokerage, the ‘fast track’ to listings and commissions involves several things, the most important of which is your client list and the connections that you make with the people in that list over time. The time factor of connection is sometimes lengthy so be prepared for […]

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