Handy Industrial Property Checklist for Real Estate Agents

Here is a checklist in this podcast that you can use in the listing of industrial property for sales or lease. The idea behind using a checklist like this is that you can comprehensively cover the property issues from a leasing or sales perspective. What are the benefits of this process? You can get to […]


Help Your Commercial Real Estate Clients Find the Next Opportunity

There are lots of things happening in commercial real estate this year, even at this early stage.  Renewed business activity and market interest are factors that are driving price and rent changes in most towns and cities. Investors are on the lookout for the next acquisition and growth opportunity; some are looking for the right […]

Brokerage Sales

Market Intelligence Gives Leverage to Commercial Real Estate Brokers

In commercial real estate you will get a lot of leverage from market intelligence and local property knowledge.  This then says that you really do need to know the things that are going on in your real estate zone or listing patch.  That may be an entire town or a portion of a city. At […]


Commercial Real Estate Agents – Get the Legal Facts in Listing

When you look at a commercial, industrial, or retail property for the first time, and in preparing for a potential listing, there are many things that should be questioned.  Some of them are likely to have an impact on the marketing of the property and potentially the price. This then says that you should not […]

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