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How to Set Fees in Property Management

You may wonder how to set your fees if you are a real estate agent offering commercial, industrial, and retail property management services. Every property is different, and the requirements of each property management approach should be tuned to satisfy the clients and the property demands. What is your fee structure and schedule in property […]

14 Franchise Facts for Todays Commercial Real Estate Brokers

When you are considering a franchise based business within a commercial real estate brokerage brand, there are some things to explore and investigate. Some franchise groups are not as good as others when it comes to the variety of services and support offered; they are not all the same in commercial property. (N.B. these ideas […]

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Commercial Property Management Client Control Strategies and Fee Structures

Here are some tips for my online friends in Commercial, Retail, or Industrial Property Management.   Get a coffee and have a read of this…… Do you manage property for a difficult client?  Are your fees so low that you struggle to keep up with the demands of the job due to lack of resources? […]


Commercial Real Estate Brokers – Commission Challenges and How to Fix Them

In commercial real estate brokerage, you will get a number of challenges when it comes to negotiating commissions and fees.  Some of the clients that you work with will be seeking discounts, and the prevailing market conditions may put some pressure on the size and type of your commissions or fees. It pays to have […]

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Setting Fees in Commercial Real Estate Property Management Today

The fee setting process in commercial or retail property management is not just a matter of using a percentage of passing income from the property. There are many other things to consider in establishing the right property management fees for the property and the client that you act for. All properties are different as are […]

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Fee Structures for Commercial Property Management

One of the biggest problems I see in commercial property management is in setting the correct fees for services provided.  Many agents think that fees in management should only be based on passing income or as a flat fee against an ‘industry standard’.  That’s the wrong way to do it.  The result can and usually […]

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