HOA Fees Ranked Across the US

Buying a home in a community with a homeowner association means that you’ll be paying more fees each month, and that can affect whether or not a home is within your budget. The cost of these HOA fees varies widely depending on the city you are in, the type of community, and what is included […]


The Best Ways to Set Fees in Commercial Property Management

When you are to take on a new commercial or retail property management appointment, the fees that you set are critical to the ongoing services to be provided to the client and the profit of your property management division. In this podcast today, you can learn about the importance of setting the right fee and […]

Property Management

Setting Commercial Property Management Fees

The fees for a professional commercial property management service can be difficult to set given that you really do not fully know the demands of the property or the client when the fee is under negotiation. Commonly you will find that a property will take far more time and effort from the property manager than […]

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