Ways to Win More Real Estate Listings

Everyone knows that the property market is under change, and there will always be opportunities to be found from that change. It is time to win some listings or be in a position to convert the quality listings when they arise. It is all about improving your competitive edge. This new property cycle will be […]

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Real Estate Listing Facts

Many real estate agents are on the lookout for listings this year. It is a changing market, and there are things to work on and people to help. Of course, agents should be chasing listings most of the time. Listings are the lifeblood of the industry. So, a ‘pipeline’ of listing opportunities is one that […]


Impressive Listing Blueprint

Every agent should have a listing master plan or blueprint. It is something that they can work on at any time and know that they have a pipeline of leads taking shape for future listing stock. Think about your real estate plan. Do you have one and how does it work for you? You could […]


Solutions for Finding More Listings

Daily actions are the things that you do regularly and consistently each day in commercial real estate brokerage.  Those actions can take your real estate business forward with some real momentum. So, as an agent, you can focus on building your new business activity. It is all about finding people to talk to and as […]


Connections Are The Immediate Priority for Agents and Heres Why

We all know about the health event worldwide.  It now repositions the commercial property market, and opportunities can exist soon.  The share market is struggling, and it is too volatile; investors will likely move to commercial real estate as the ‘channel of choice’ for placing and security their money in the future.  History Shows Trends […]


The Brokerage Rules to Convert Commercial Real Estate Listings in Abundance

Sometimes we over complicate the commercial real estate business.  We commonly do too many things and spread ourselves across lots of listings and clients, only to find that commissions and conversions are a struggle or too low.  At the end of a given week, you soon realize that you didn’t get all of the traction […]

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