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A Guide to Getting More Clients in Commercial Real Estate Now

As the property market shifts and changes, the systems of contact that you use in your real estate business will be the ‘backbone’ of the growth of market share and listings. In today’s podcast, we give you some facts and ideas that you can use in your real estate day, specifically to find those clients […]

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Simple and Direct Ways of Prospecting New Clients

In commercial real estate today, agents and brokers should be focusing on database growth and fresh new client connection.   The property market is always under change and that is to our advantage.  In saying that, the change has to be tapped into and that is where a good business plan and client contact strategy […]


How to Improve Your Sales Skills Dramatically in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

In commercial real estate brokerage, sales skills developed over time will help improve listing conversions and deal opportunity. You never really stopped learning in the industry .  That being said, it is essential that every agent and broker improves sales related skills and negotiation strategies at an individual level. Personal practice is required. Every stage […]

How to Generate More Commercial Real Estate Leads by Contacting Accountants and Attorneys

It is a fact that you can get a lot of high quality leads in commercial real estate brokerage from working with accountants and solicitors.  That is simply because those people in both of the professions have clients with property issues and opportunities. Important Observations A top real estate agent will generally work a selection […]


Carefully Selected Clients Mean More Commercial Real Estate Listings

Some commercial real estate agents think that listings are the main focus of what they do.  The observation is largely wrong.  It is better to look at the matter differently, and then say that ‘clients are the real focus’ in our industry.   When you focus mainly on finding and creating more clients, the listings will […]


Money Talks in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

Today the commercial real estate market has changes and opportunities in most towns or cities.  In almost all cases the people with the money can act in any property market conditions, be they good or bad.  So the message here is that you need to find these people.  Money talks and creates new property business […]

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