The Benefits of a VIP Client List in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

Here are the VIP Client connection ideas to help your real estate career.  As a basic rule in brokerage, you have to connect with a lot of people in your local area each week and every day to get traction in your real estate business.  That takes discipline and focus at a personal level. Today, […]


Direct Marketing to VIPs Guaranteed

In commercial real estate brokerage, some clients are more valuable to you, and those clients should be segmented off and communicated with differently.  In that way, you can build higher levels of conversion with better classes of property and transaction activity. Think about these questions: How many VIP clients or prospects do you have now? […]

6 Step CRM Systems for VIP Client Management in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

In commercial real estate brokerage some clients are better than others.  Some prospects are better than others.  You have some choices to make here.  Selectivity is required to get to the best real estate business and opportunities. The best prospects and clients understand the value of a skilled and qualified real estate agent that knows […]

A Database is a Rich Source of Property Opportunity in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

In commercial real estate today the business relationships that you develop locally will help you convert more listings and increase commissions.  The depth and the relevance of relationships established with property investors and business owners will be important to the outcomes that you seek. As a central part of your business, you should have a […]

Commercial Real Estate Agent Success Systems – Create a List of Qualified VIP Clients

As a commercial real estate agent, you would be well advised to grow your database quickly and strongly, as well as creating a short list of high value ‘VIP clients’.   In doing that, you can have a contact process for general prospects, as well as a special service and contact frequency for those VIP’s.  Approximately […]

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