Property Management

Commercial Property Management Handover Checklist Format

When you are to take over a new building to manage, be it office, retail, or industrial, there are many things to look at and control IMMEDIATELY.  It is easy for errors to occur and omissions to be made as the property facts are gathered. People will not tell you everything and or overlook key […]

Property Management

Commercial Property Management – How to Ask the Right Questions in a Handover

When you are taking on a new retail, office, or industrial property for management, make sure you have a good set of deliberate questions to work through and help you identify the performance issues within the property.  Get to the bottom of the issues relating to income, tenancy mix, maintenance, risk, documentation, and occupancy.  Where […]

Ask the Right Questions in Shopping Center Management and Leasing

When you take over the management and or leasing of a retail property or shopping center there are plenty of things to delve into straight away.  There are facts to explore, tenants to understand and leases to review.  I like to take the checklist approach to reviewing any retail property. I have put together this […]

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