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How to Inspect and Appraise a Commercial Property

In this video today we share a checklist approach to help real estate agents inspect and appraise the sale or leasing opportunities in commercial property. Include these ideas in your property checking process. There are all types of investment property today. The categories of office, industrial, and retail property are special by nature require a […]

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Commercial Property Inspection Tips and Tricks

When you are inspecting a commercial property there are plenty of things to look into, detail, and question. The whole thing can get a bit overwhelming. In saying that, the organized approach to inspecting a property will always help you find the ideas and the opportunities to work with. Note: If you want more commercial […]


Stress the Benefits of Listing with Your Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

When you pitch and present your listing strategies to a client, are you clear and precise about how the client should move ahead with you and why that is the case?   Help the client see that you are the best solution to their property challenge; be special and real to their situation and property asset. […]


How to Cash in on Your Commercial Property Listing Presentations

In commercial real estate sales and leasing, you must be prepared to provide the best information possible in your client presentation and listing pitch. You may only have a short period of time to convince the client that you are the best solution for their property challenge.  You must ‘cash in’ and convert.  Top agents […]

Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Successes – Break Up Your Listing and Marketing into Definable Segments

When you take on a property listing to sell or lease, there are a number of things to explore and investigate.  Some properties are complex and others are simple, so you have to see the property for what it is, do the investigations, and then decide how you can handle the listing effectively and directly […]

Why You Should Track Internet Activity on Commercial Real Estate Listings

The internet for commercial real estate agents is becoming a busier place in so many different ways.  To effectively work with exclusive listings we should now track online listing results for hits and enquiries in a constant and ongoing way. From the tracking process we can then know what is working and what is not […]


Winning Strategies for Giving Out Property Details in Inspections

On most days of the week as a commercial real estate agent or broker, you will be sharing property details with those people that potentially want to buy or lease new premises.  The question is just how much should you tell them before you take them to the property?  Start with the end target in […]


Brokers Tips – Preparing for a Commercial Real Estate Sale

In commercial real estate agency today, it is necessary to carefully consider the strategies of preparation when it comes to selling a property.  Every property market will have factors of change and opportunity.  On that basis, a new listing needs to be matched to the market conditions and the current levels of enquiry.  It is […]

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