Commercial Real Estate Brokers – Why you must own the commercial real estate product and strategy

As you progress through your career in commercial real estate brokerage, the listings that you create exclusively will always generate far more enquiry and better levels of business over time. The simple concept here is that you must have control of the listing product and the client; you must ‘own the listing product’ professionally. (N.B. […]


Commercial Real Estate Brokerage – Ask for Feedback to Win More Business

When you are establishing yourself in commercial real estate brokerage, look for the right feedback as you work through your property market issues and opportunities.  When you win a listing, find out why that happened.  When you lose a listing, ask the client about their perceptions and the reasons that loss occurred. Feedback Importance You […]


5 Top Priorities for a Successful Commercial Real Estate Agent

If you work as a commercial real estate agent there are 5 essential priorities that should stand ‘head and shoulders’ above all the other things that you do every day.  It is debateable as to which of the 5 are more important, however if you overlook any of them, your career in commercial property will […]

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