Top Job Description for a Top Commercial Real Estate Agent

The role of a top commercial real estate agent is complex and yet also greatly rewarding.  To get to the top of the industry it is a matter of a salesperson doing the right things every day.  Whilst that is easy to say, it is difficult to achieve because many people (clients, prospects, and colleagues) […]


Job Description for Commercial Real Estate Sales Agent

In commercial real estate it pays to set clear duties to the role of a ‘sales agent’.  The only way anyone makes a good share of commissions in our industry is to focus on the things that really matter.  That is where a ‘job description’ has high value. It should be said that the sales […]

Brokerage Career

Commercial Property Agent Career Job Description

When you run a commercial real estate agency or operate as a commercial salesperson, the activities that you undertake every day are critical to the overall momentum and success that you have in the industry.  On that basis, it pays to establish a job specification early in your career so that you stay within the […]

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