Unlocking Opportunities: A Guide for Commercial Real Estate Agents to Attract Investor Clients

A couple of client types are valuable and easily found in commercial real estate as part of prospecting for new business. They are the investors and business owners. Both categories of people will transact real estate for many different reasons. Make those groups your ‘source code’ for new listings. Talk to people in those groups […]

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How to Be the Market Leader in Key Account Management

Gather up all your clients in one list, and decide who the Key Accounts should be in that list. That simple process will require you to think about what a client of that type is for you and how you would set the required criteria. Note: If you would like more agent or brokerage resources […]


Secrets to Finding the Best Key Accounts and Deals

Who are the key accounts that you want to attract to your real estate business, and how are you doing that?  Is there a plan that you have, and are you working on progress? Somewhere in your business model, make sure you have the topic of crucial accounts and VIPs well covered.  Know who those […]

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The Role of a Successful Key Account Manager in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

In commercial real estate brokerage, there are very likely to be some key accounts in your city that need special attention over time and in certain ways.  In the bigger brokerages, it is common to have key account managers to assist in the client engagement process.  Experience and market coverage support the process.  Why do […]


Key Account Advantages in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

What does a key account look like and act like in commercial real estate brokerage?  That is an important question that every broker and agent must have an answer for.  The elements of a key account will differ across locations and within your brokerage, but you must know what this special client looks like and […]

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