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Landlords: Best Practices for Marketing and Negotiating Your Commercial Property Leases

Today, every landlord must take steps to prepare a property for leasing and to market vacancies when they occur. Prepare to lease space in all your investment properties. Know that vacancies will occur, so prepare for that. The property leasing process moves faster and produces better results when it is started early. You will sometimes […]


How to Bullet Proof Your Leasing Business in Commercial Property

Here are some ideas in this commercial real estate podcast to help you elevate your levels of engagement and contact with good quality tenants and landlords in commercial real estate leasing. Delve into your local area and check things out fully.  Get to know the vacancy factors and the changes in building occupancy.  Some buildings […]


An Action Plan Example for Commercial Property Leasing Agents

When you work as a leasing agent, there are many things to do daily.  There are tenants and landlords to talk to.  There are conversations to make with the right people.  Information leads to opportunities.  A leasing agent must be tuned to the local precinct and the businesses in that zone.  Know exactly how many […]

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