Leasing Property Management

Ways of Attracting High-Quality Landlord Clients

Commercial and retail property landlords generally want just two things.  When you satisfy those two things, you typically have a client for life. So, what do landlords want from agents?  In the first instance, they are looking for tenants to fill vacancies. So, it directly follows that if you as an agent know plenty of […]


A Guide to Leasing Success in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

There are many ways to make a leasing service part of your career in commercial and retail real estate today.  In this audio program, learn some of those ways to create the leasing model in your real estate career.  Grow your connections with Landlords and Tenants and provide some deep and direct solutions for finding […]


Effective Strategies for Leasing Business Success

The leasing process in commercial and retail property can be improved by a simple degree of personal organization and directed action.  That action is in connecting with landlords, tenants, business owners, and property developers.  The information gleaned from those connections will help you with the entire leasing process.  Get to know the people, that’s the […]

Brokerage Leasing

Commercial Real Estate Agents – Commercial Lease Negotiation Tips

The structure of a lease negotiation and tenancy placement is very much related to the financial requirements of the owners, so information is essential if those negotiations are to be successful.  What is the situation of the landlord and how are market trends in leasing currently? Business sentiment will have a bit to do with […]

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