Planning Your Commercial Real Estate Career

If you have chosen a career in Commercial Real Estate, you have chosen well.  The industry is very rewarding and highly active most of the time.  That being said, the property market does change and you should learn to change with it.  See the opportunities in the change, and work with the clients that need […]


A Perfect Market Rent for Commercial Real Estate Leasing Agents

A market rent is not just any old rent, it is one that has been established in today’s property market and it reflects an agreement between the parties that indicates true market conditions. Rents can be compared by property type and location.  Special and unique properties will raise challenges because you will have little to […]

Rental Tips and Ideas for Commercial Real Estate Agents

When it comes to commercial or retail property performance today, the rent for a property can be made up from a number of factors, all of which should be optimised to the plans of the landlord.  A good commercial real estate agent should have the experience and the ideas to help in that way. So […]