Commercial Real Estate Leasing Brokers – A Vacancy is an Amazing Opportunity for New Business and Commissions

In commercial real estate today, a vacancy is an opportunity in so many different ways. Many landlords will have vacancies to rectify and tenants to find. Any landlord with an unrealistically high level of rental is likely to suffer an extended vacancy over a long period of time. You can be the solution to the […]


Leasing Fees are Money Making Opportunities for Commercial Real Estate Brokers

Commercial real estate leasing is a specialised process.  You can sell your services comprehensively and hence your brokerage fees can increase.  There are many things that you can do in ‘leasing’ for your clients and prospects.  Split your fees up into separate levels of action and opportunity. So what is happening in your property market […]

Property Management

Fee Structures for Commercial Property Management

One of the biggest problems I see in commercial property management is in setting the correct fees for services provided.  Many agents think that fees in management should only be based on passing income or as a flat fee against an ‘industry standard’.  That’s the wrong way to do it.  The result can and usually […]

Commercial Real Estate Agents – Ways to Negotiate Fees and Commissions Today

In commercial real estate, the negotiation of commissions can be a regular problem.  The client may be looking for the best deal on fees, but the reality is that a successful sale or lease in this market only comes from the real effort on the part of the agent and for that, the client should […]

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