Handy Industrial Property Checklist for Real Estate Agents

Here is a checklist in this podcast that you can use in the listing of industrial property for sales or lease. The idea behind using a checklist like this is that you can comprehensively cover the property issues from a leasing or sales perspective. What are the benefits of this process? You can get to […]

Key Questions in Listing an Industrial Property for Sale or Lease Today

When you list an industrial property you have to think about the end user, be they a tenant or a buyer. What will they expect from the asset to satisfy their business needs? That question is always (or should be) high on the brokerage agenda as part of the listing process. When you really understand […]


Real Estate Brokers – A Simple Blueprint for Listing and Industrial Property

The industrial property market is an entry level segment of the industry where most property investors initially focus.  The simplicity of the cash flow, tenant selection, and property improvements make it easy for the ‘budding investor’ to understand the opportunities of the future when it comes to any single property, its cash flow and its […]

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