Why Deep Listening is a Negotiation Advantage Today

We all know that the property market has changed in the last few months and will change a lot more in the coming months.  Conditioning the client is not so much of an issue any more.  The media is doing an excellent job of that.  Let Automatic Conditioning Happen The media and market conditions are […]

Podcast Sales

Winning Listing Strategies for New Business Now

Become the expert in commercial real estate listings today by shaping new skills and ideas that can help you tap into the players and the properties today. (Note: If you are looking for listing ideas in commercial real estate brokerage today, you can get them here in our free course material.) What’s happening in this […]

Brokerage Podcast

Brokerage Sales and Leasing Podcast – 5 Topics

In today’s commercial real estate podcast we share some ideas across some very practical and useful strategies in sales and leasing.  If you are wanting to boost your results as an agent or broker, there are plenty of things in today’s program that you can do locally in your town or city.  There are five […]


Commercial Real Estate Online – Podcast 2019 Episode 24

In this podcast, learn the importance of local property knowledge and facts in your listing and presentation processes.  Get all the right property facts to show your clients and prospects that you are the agent of choice for the location and the property type.

Industrial Leasing Sales

The Checklist Way to List Industrial Property

When you, as an agent, list industrial property, there are facts to know and things to check. The industrial segment of the property sector is normally quite busy. In most towns and cities it is the first sector to respond to an economic change in a town or city. This says that you can do […]


How to Create a Checklist Approach to Commercial Real Estate Listing

Avoid the problems of listing many different commercial, industrial, and retail properties for sale or lease.   A checklist can help you to remember the right questions to ask, the situations to investigate, and the facts to capture. In this video, you will learn the important ways to get to all of the property issues comprehensively […]