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Blueprint for Excellence: Agent Marketing Plan

Think about your real estate brokerage business and what you do daily. How has your real estate market changed in the last 24 months? Where are the properties to be listed now, and how are they being converted? It is a changing property market, and a strategic approach is required. Every agent should have a […]


Marketing Solutions That Bring in More Enquiry for Agents

Create more property inquiries and hence, more inspections. That is the message for all agents today. Do more with your marketing efforts and strategies. Are you looking to improve your real estate career as we move out of this slower property cycle and into a new cycle? There are numerous opportunities for agents who become […]


How to Time Base Your Commercial Real Estate Marketing Campaigns

A property marketing campaign can be more effective if you ‘time base’ your activities and strategically so. Every exclusive property listing should have this ‘time’ focus so the enquiries are optimized and therefore inspections can follow more successfully. Special Note: if you want to get our free commercial real estate training today, you can enrol […]


Marketing Strategies That Matter in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

Every property promotion today can be optimized for inbound enquiry.  In today’s podcast, John Highman shares how you can take your property listings and do more with them in marketing and enquiry. Attract more enquiry using these ideas with your quality property listings.  Listen to the podcast right here:

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