Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Secrets – The Four Substantial Benefits of Exclusive Listings

Exclusive listings on average will bring better results for property clients in a faster and more direct way.  The agent has something to focus on and the client knows that they are getting a better level of service as they seek a solution to a sale or lease situation.  Exclusivity is a very important part […]


Use Compelling Local Property Knowledge to Win More Commercial Real Estate Listings

In commercial real estate brokerage, you simply must know the property market and all of its activities, indicators, and pressures.  Clients and prospects will test your knowledge about the local area and the deals that have been done recently. So what do they want to see?  They want to see real confidence and coverage in […]


A Basic Guide to Winning Exclusive Listings in Commercial Real Estate

When you list a commercial property for sale or lease, it will be on the basis of an ‘open listing’ or an ‘exclusive listing’.  There are some significant differences in the way that you handle the two listing types.  Try this for the comparison: An ‘open listing’ is one that is listed with quite a […]

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