Listing Pitch with a Competitive Advantage

In this real estate market, clients must first ‘purchase’ you as an agent, with your property skills, your ideas and your offerings before they will list with you. Your listing pitch should be refined and tuned to the client’s situation. Building a ‘convincing’ agent persona is a competitive advantage in commercial real estate and is […]


The Best Ways to Sell Your Real Estate Services

How do you pitch your real estate services in this changing market? First, understand the property market in your location for the dynamic changes and then sell your services based on unique solutions. Then, use the market changes to build some deep and direct marketing solutions for your client and their property. Be the Special […]

Commercial Real Estate Agents – How to Rise Above the Competition and Win More Listings

How to Stand Out in a Noisy Commercial Property Market If you are currently working in commercial real estate brokerage, it is likely that you will have some competitors to work against with listings and clients; the property market will be ‘noisy’ with competitors fighting for the same properties and clients.  Some presentations and listing […]


Pitch Your Commercial Real Estate Services with Accurate Information

When you are pitching your real estate services to a prospective seller of commercial real estate, the best way to approach the presentation is to be comprehensive, accurate and precise.  The seller must see that you are on top of the issues at hand and that you have some solid solutions that they can use. […]

Brokerage Marketing

Commercial Real Estate Agent – Presentation and Sales Pitch Tips and Ideas

When you work in commercial real estate sales and leasing, you will be presenting and pitching for business just about every day in some way or form.  What can you do? It pays for you to develop a presentational system that focuses you completely on the client and their property. In this way, you can convert […]

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