Real Estate Agent Listing Secrets

Every real estate agent will say that they want more listings. Perhaps that also sounds attractive to you and could be your target. Use these secrets to boost your brokerage business. To boost your listing potential, there are things that you can do in an ongoing way and strategies that you can deploy. The property […]


Hot Ways to Market for Real Estate Listings

Marketing for real estate listings today is a very specific process that takes a good degree of planning from an agent perspective. Are you ready for the changing market conditions? Here are some helpful ideas. In this program today, we share 14 ways to market not only listings, but yourself as a specialist local real […]


Ten Strategies to Improve Your Listing Results

The commercial real estate market is competitive and changing. That change is a good thing, but we need to shift our approach to connecting with clients (new ones), and presenting our ideas and strategies. Note: Want more ideas in commercial property? You can get plenty of commercial real estate ideas in our free resource emails. […]

Brokerage Sales Videos

Excellent Listing Strategies for Commercial Agents Today

There are many different motivations out there in the commercial property market now. New clients need help, and some are still to develop decisions with prices, marketing, time to sell, time to buy. Listing stock is starting to emerge in the property market with industrial property particularly. As always, industrial property is closely geared to […]

Everything You Want to Know About Your Listing Numbers and Targets

If you are going to drive an exceptional commercial real estate business over time, in either sales or leasing, the best way to do that is by finding and controlling your listing stock and clients.  That means, finding the listings and controlling them before other agents get involved.  Exclusivity is the active word to consider […]

Achieve Better Listing Results with These Eight Marketing Strategies

In today’s commercial and retail property market there are big shifts and changes to the marketing of listings; strategies are required to encourage more enquiries, inspections and transactions.  Sales and lease transactions are largely started in the first instance through a buyer or tenant getting information from the internet.  They are then fully informed before […]

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