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Listing Creation Blueprint

Many agents approach the listing process differently, but I thought it would be good to share how I create listings and have done so for years. So, this is a listing strategy process that works for me. See how you can use these ideas. You can then shape those ideas into your location and preferred […]

Brokerage Career

Our Updated Listing System to Build Commercial Real Estate Business

Top agents have listing systems to take their real estate business forward.  They avoid the ‘peaks and troughs’ of the industry by sticking to a daily plan of activity that they implement.  They do that activity regardless of what is going on elsewhere, and in or across the local property economy.  Are you ready to […]


How to Get the Facts About Listings in Commercial Property

When taking a commercial property to the market to either sell or lease, it is essential that you understand all the property details and ask all the right questions of the client. Know more about the property than they do and then consider the best ways to market, negotiate, and close on the property given […]


Easy Ways to Find Commercial Real Estate Listings

In today’s video, we cover the issues surrounding identifying new commercial property opportunities to take to the market. There are always plenty of listings to find in a local area providing you diligently review property locations, people, investors, streets, and buildings. In other words, you talk to a lot of people on a daily basis […]

Brokerage Sales

The Best Ways to Win More Listings

In this slide deck, you can get the facts behind how you can win more commercial real estate listings. It is no secret that the commercial real estate market can be competitive from time to time. That means many local agents are chasing the same client or the same property at the same time. For […]

Commercial Real Estate Brokerage – The Perfect Listing System to List Better Properties Faster

One thing that you don’t want in commercial real estate brokerage today is a poor quality listing system that drags you back in momentum.  A perfect listing system is one that captures the facts of the client, the listing, and the marketing campaign in a timely way, and then helps you move ahead accurately into […]

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