A Listing Routine that Pulls in More New Business

When you do a listing presentation in commercial or retail property, it pays to have a system covering the property type and location.  Every submission should be tuned to the place and the local area and that is something that you can do yourself.  Do you want a ‘competitive edge’ in your property market?  Look […]

Brokerage Podcast

Expert Advice for Agents on Listing Commercial Property Today

To achieve more commercial real estate listings in this market, try the ideas in this podcast to help you engage with more clients and people with greater effectiveness. Note: If you would like listing ideas that you can use in this property market, you can get them here in our free commercial real estate courses. […]


Connections Are The Immediate Priority for Agents and Heres Why

We all know about the health event worldwide.  It now repositions the commercial property market, and opportunities can exist soon.  The share market is struggling, and it is too volatile; investors will likely move to commercial real estate as the ‘channel of choice’ for placing and security their money in the future.  History Shows Trends […]

The 4 Essential Factors of Commercial Real Estate Agent Performance

Results that you achieve in commercial real estate brokerage will largely be driven by factors of personal performance. In essence to achieve good results in the industry you are bringing together personal stamina, mindset, and professional business skills. When you really understand that process, you can improve your focus and momentum in the market place. […]

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