Market Research Solutions for Better Shopping Center Performance

With retail shopping centers today, every shop, tenant, and marketing program has to be matched into the customer base and demographic.  When you achieve that careful balance, you can grow sales turnover opportunity for each and every tenant.  That then strengthens the shopping center performance. (NB – you can get our retail and commercial property […]


Systems to Follow with Commercial Real Estate Market Research

In commercial real estate brokerage, the awareness that you have of current market trends will impact your ability to pitch, present, and convert new listings.  That market awareness will give you confidence, and confidence is ‘king’ when it comes to new business today. In simple terms you must be more confident than the competition about […]


Commercial Real Estate Brokers – How to Research Tons of Valuable Market Information

In commercial real estate brokerage you need lots of information before you can find opportunity.  Research is therefore a real and important part of the industry.  Knowing how to find that information will help greatly in how you proceed and succeed in the industry. So let’s say you want to find clients and listings.  There […]

How to Get the Referrals and Leads Going in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

In commercial real estate brokerage, you can set out to find plenty of referral business as part of your contact and meeting program with current clients and new prospects.  When a client or prospect trusts you and respects your skills, it is the right time to ask about referrals to others. How can you pose […]


Leasing Market Briefings for Landlords Create Better Lease Outcomes

In commercial real estate brokerage today, it pays for you to keep your landlords up to date when it comes to market trends and tenant enquiry. The levels of market rental and vacancy trends will change throughout the year. Market awareness helps landlords make better leasing decisions. It will also help you convert more lease […]

Commercial Property Market Research Tips for Agents

When it comes to researching the local commercial real estate market, you can find lots of opportunities if your research is comprehensive and carefully handled. Things always change in commercial real estate.  I like to say that it’s an ‘agents market’ most of the time.  The buyers and the tenants come and go subject to […]

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