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How to Set Broker Authority Over Your Commercial Real Estate Market

Your market share in commercial real estate is something to shape and nurture over time. It’s a personal thing; it should also be a priority in so many different ways. You can do that through a specific process of client contact and property focus. Your territory is the ‘land of opportunity’ if you work it […]

Ideas for Shaping Your Destiny as a Commercial Real Estate Agent Today

In commercial real estate brokerage, the results that you achieve will be largely influenced by the personal processes and efforts you apply in your local property market. Some agents make the big mistake of focusing on too many issues at once and on that basis achieve only random results. If you want get anywhere with […]

5 Essential Rules to Commercial Real Estate Broker Prospecting and Networking

The agent that maintains focus on the simple things of our business usually gets results.  The commercial property market does not need to be complex, but it does require momentum and tenacity in prospecting and cold calling over the longer term.  That means contacting new people and the same people in an ongoing way.   A […]

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3 Step Formula for a Commercial Real Estate Broker Sales Plan

A career in commercial real estate brokerage doesn’t really need to be hard or difficult.  It simply requires planning, the formula for improvement, and skill development.  A sales plan at an individual level will be essential to integrate all three factors within your career.  The plan will help you with the actions required in the […]

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