Step by Step Guide to Writing Adverts in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

In commercial real estate brokerage, it is common to be writing adverts and producing advertising copy a few times a week.  As you bring in a new property listing, the advertising and marketing process is the next factor to work on.  The marketing message must be clear. This then is where your marketing skills in […]

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How to Look at all Marketing Alternatives in Commercial Property Sales

When you have a commercial property to sell, the promotional and marketing process is quite important.  A lot depends on if  you can convert some vendor paid promotional funds as part of the listing, and then how those funds are to be applied.  When you have some money to apply to the promotion of the […]

Key Ideas for a High Quality Marketing Campaign in Commercial Real Estate

In commercial real estate today you really do need to consider the best marketing alternatives for the listings that you promote.  There are (or should be) distinct differences when it comes to the methods of promoting and directly marketing exclusive listings vs. open listings. Exclusivity Matters All or most of your business efforts should be […]

Why You Should Consolidate Your Commercial Real Estate Advertising Strategies

When it comes to promoting any commercial real estate listing today, make sure that your advertising strategies are clearly aligned to the target market, the location, and the property type.  You only have one opportunity to create market interest and enquiry with any fresh and new listing. Consolidate your advertising strategies so that they are […]


High Quality Listing Presentations in Commercial Real Estate

The listing presentation that you make in commercial real estate can and should be highly focused on the client and the property.  Your preparation, local market knowledge, and relevance are the keys to making the presentation process successful. If you really want the listing then you will need to commit to the listing facts in […]


6 Strategies to Get More Sales in Commercial Real Estate Agency

The commercial property market will change throughout the year and as part of that, every salesperson should have a focus on individual performance both in commissions and listings.  The challenges of the property market need to be seen and optimized at a local level by an agent.  That is a personal process for every salesperson […]

Can Your Staff Really Use Your Marketing Resources

It is an interesting question to ask the sales team.  Can they really sell your real estate business and your services?  The answer is sometimes quite scary and of great concern.  Try them out at the next team meeting if you doubt my observations. More often than not most salespeople in our industry are fairly […]

Beef Up Your Commercial Real Estate Listing Strategy

If you want to win over a new client or prospect in commercial real estate, the way to do it is to be absorbed totally in your market and property specialty; you then need to show those traits.  Clients sense relevance and specialty when it is real; they know when you are really good at […]


Top Marketing Solutions for Quality Commercial Properties

If you cannot communicate the factors and attractions of a property listing to the market, then the promotional campaign is doomed and delayed.  This then says that every listed property should be matched to the target market that you as the real estate agent are seeking to attract.  You should seek to create enquiries from […]


How to Roll Out a Commercial Real Estate Marketing Campaign

Taking a commercial or retail property to the market is a very specific process.  Any quality listing will require a comprehensive marketing campaign that is well prepared for public release across all the media outlets that are to be used.  Care and planning is required on the part of the real estate agent or broker. […]

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