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Time Tested Solutions for Marketing Commercial Real Estate Today

Everyone understands that the real estate market is changing, and that there are numerous opportunities for the astute agent to seize. The keys to agent success in this property market come down to one thing and that is ongoing contact with people. Engagement is the key. There are many people waiting to do something about […]

Learn From the Mistakes of Others in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

In commercial real estate brokerage, there are plenty of things to watch and learn from. Every transaction will have indicators, results, and trends to analyze.  It is also worth watching every top agent competitor within your territory or location to see what they are doing in self marketing and or listing activities; look for the […]

5 Ways to Take Control of Your Commercial Real Estate Career

Don’t wait for the property market to come to you.  Go out and find it.  Top agents in commercial real estate tend to set fixed rules and principles for their business momentum and their future.  Those principles they set are likely to make or break their business growth over time, so important choices should be […]

How to Use Marketing Suspense in Your Commercial Property Campaigns

When you promote a commercial property for sale or lease, do so to a plan and a strategy. Build the suspense and the momentum in your marketing campaign so you are pulling in more people and inspection opportunities. You only really have ‘one shot’ at creating real marketing momentum, so everything that you do has […]


The 7 Skill Development Plan for Commercial Property Investment Sales

You could say that a commercial real estate salesperson should be experienced in a number of different ways. Some things are more important than others, and investment sales will require certain special factors of property knowledge, client communications, and deal or transaction interaction. There are always new things to learn in the role. It is […]


Why You Should Get the Hard Things Done First Every Day

There are some things that commercial real estate agents hate to do.  As a direct result many agents struggle with creating personal market share and achieving new listings.  Take a look at the things that are a challenge to you or perhaps those that you just avoid. Having worked with many agents for some years, […]


Choosing Marketing Response Mechanisms in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

Every quality listing in commercial real estate is likely to create a good degree of response from buyers or tenants as the case may be.  For this reason you should choose the right marketing response mechanisms that can handle the enquiry efficiently and quickly.  You should also consider the tracking processes that should apply to […]


Best Methods of Sale – Tips for Commercial Real Estate Agents Today

The methods of sale in commercial property are varied and special. Your choice of the best method of sale needs to be made with clear decisions and strategy in mind.  The owner of the property is likely to take the most convenient and cheap method of sale for them. You need to control and re-direct this misplaced […]

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