8 Tips for Making an Award Winning Commercial Property Presentation

The commercial property market is competitive.  Every real estate agent and broker should be prepared to give a high quality and award winning property presentation when required for any client and in any situation.  Top agents can do that at any time and they usually have resources and systems on hand to support the process. […]


Vendor Paid Marketing Funds are Critical to Real Estate Agent Results

When you work as a broker or agent in commercial real estate, the marketing funds that you secure from your clients as part of a listing presentation pitch are critical to your listing and commission growth.  It could even be said that if you are struggling with listings and market share now, you are likely […]


How to Beat Your Biggest Competitors in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

In commercial real estate today the competition can be fierce.  It is not unusual for a high quality property to be put through a tendering process with a number of brokerages and tenderers pitching for the same listing.  Property owners and corporate clients like to know that they have ‘explored’ market conditions and weighed up […]


Sales Pitch Outline for Commercial Real Estate Brokers

In commercial real estate brokerage you will be pitching your services in many different ways and for different reasons.  The important thing is that you win your fair share (or better) of the presentations that you make. The competition for quality listings is generally high most of the time unless you have the ‘inside running’ […]


Boardroom Presentation Strategies in Commercial Real Estate Agency

In commercial real estate agency it is common to be presenting your services and strategies to a client within a boardroom environment.  The corporate clients that we work with will sometimes have a number of decision makers involved in the agency choice and listing process. The boardroom will be the place where all parties get […]

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Commercial Real Estate Sales Agents – Getting the Client to Commit to Listing

In commercial real estate today, it is critical to obtain commitment from the prospect or client to the next stage of the transaction.  Every property transaction is a series of stages through which the client moves.  Top agents move the client through each particular commitment stage.  Very soon, the entire sales or leasing transaction will […]

Top Presentation Tips for Commercial Real Estate Agents

Most commercial real estate agents will be presenting and pitching their services in one form or another weekly if not daily.  The fact of the matter is that you must have a top presentation system that is relevant to the property and powerful when it comes to converting the client to use your agency. Unfortunately […]

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