Commercial Real Estate Brokerage – Look for all the Answers and Solutions

The commercial property market is forever changing.  For that reason it pays to apply a healthy degree of questioning as you connect with all the prospects and the clients that you serve.  It’s a ‘people based’ business in so many different ways. People and trends can tell you lots of things, so observe and listen.  […]


How to Be an Absolute Winner as a Real Estate Agent in Investment Sales

It is important to recognize the specialty behind commercial property investment sales and the services that should be provided by real estate agents and brokers to their clients.  Some of the important facts to remember here with those clients are the requirement for cash flow consolidation and investment growth over time.  The main way to […]

Commercial Real Estate Sales Agent – Planning Actions and Targets

As a sales agent in commercial real estate it pays for you to have a plan of action.  The plan of action can keep you on track when it comes to listing and commission focus. The process sounds logical, but so many agents take each day as it comes.  They then struggle with market share […]

Be a Pacesetter in Real Estate Postcard Marketing

In commercial real estate brokerage, the postcard marketing approach does have a place in a personal marketing program.  Every agent or broker should be using the strategy. So to be clear on this, the ‘postcard process’ is all about sending ‘DL’ size marketing cards that have been specially printed for your area and speciality.  They […]

Switch to Postcard Marketing in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

There are many ways to promote your services as a broker or agent in commercial real estate.  Many of them work in today’s market, and ‘postcard’ marketing integrates well with all of them. The fact of the matter is that you can send a postcard to your current and new contacts in a regular and […]

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Marketing Distribution Systems in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

Every commercial real estate broker or agent should use a direct approach to marketing so they build dominant market share and listing opportunity.  To do this you will require marketing distribution plans and systems. Think about how you want to get your message and services to the right people locally.  In most cases you should […]

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