How to Reinvent Good Quality Commercial Property Marketing

All too often you see commercial or retail properties advertised for sale or lease with a soft message or a very mediocre advertising layout or property description.  The fact of the matter is that many property agents and salespeople have no real training in creating high-quality advertising copy.  That then creates a problem in the […]

Market Transparency in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Leads to Listing Success

Whilst most commercial real estate clients and particularly property owners may claim to have a good knowledge of property in their local area, they are likely to lack a full understanding of just what is happening with prices, rents, and marketing activity.  You can help them with that. I like to call the concept a […]


Best Methods of Sale – Tips for Commercial Real Estate Agents Today

The methods of sale in commercial property are varied and special. Your choice of the best method of sale needs to be made with clear decisions and strategy in mind. The owner of the property is likely to take the most convenient and cheap method of sale for them. You need to control and re-direct this misplaced focus. […]


Commercial Property Agents – Choices in Best Methods of Sale

In this property market, and in taking a commercial property to sale as a real estate agent, everything you do is all about strategy. Don’t be ordinary in your marketing approaches and recommendations. Be very specific with your listing ideas and strategies. The best method of sale has to be chosen and that decision should […]

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