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Local Business Opportunities Matrix for Agents

Its time to create some strategies for your commercial real estate business in these changing times. Where can you find the business? The answer is ‘locally’. It is a simple plan. Note: If you want more real estate resources for free you can get them here. Don’t Get Confused in Brokerage When things get confusing […]

Poster – Growth Strategies in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

There are a few important things to remember when you start looking at your commercial property market and the opportunities that exist in it. Its the time of year where business plans are already active and results should be happening.  Perhaps you have some key performance indicators to watch and assess?  No matter where you […]


Office Property Leasing Negotiation Chart for Brokers

If you work in office property leasing in your town or city you will know how calls will come reach you from potential tenants at unusual times across all types of properties. Understanding how those calls were created and how the tenant found you are important first parts of handling the inquiry. From that point […]

Commercial Real Estate Broker – Free Marketing Wallchart Download

In commercial real estate brokerage it is easy to forget where you are when it comes to marketing and promoting the exclusive listings that are on your books.  Sometimes if you ‘cut corners’ you create a problem for yourself with low inquiries and poor inspection rates.  I have put this handy chart together to help […]

Top Commercial Agent Focus Matrix

In commercial real estate today it is easy to see the top agents that really stand out in their market.  They do certain things each day that build advantages for them in market share, listings, and commissions. After talking with a number of top agents over the recent twelve months, I have put together a list […]

Commercial Real Estate Sales Presentation Mindmap

Sales presentations and pitches are really important in commercial real estate today.  Every presentation that we make has to be geared to the property and the situation.   I have put together this mindmap about sales pitches that you could apply to commercial real estate or retail real estate.  It is likely to give you […]

Commercial Real Estate Marketing Mindmap

Commercial real estate marketing today is quite a special process for agents to undertake.   I have created this chart for you and the team to use.  Get it here as a pdf download. I like to see agents provide their clients with good marketing ideas that are different and relevant to the property market today.  […]


Leasing Strategy Tips for Commercial Real Estate Agents Today

In commercial real estate agency there are all types of leasing challenges.  Some are easy to handle whilst others are more difficult. That being said, the leasing side of our business is lucrative and active, if you choose to work in it in any major town or city. What can you do here with ‘strategic […]

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