How to Plan Your Calls in Commercial Real Estate

In commercial real estate brokerage, having a plan to making outbound calls is a good thing.  You can convert more new business when you have that focus.  It’s all about making outbound calls to new people that you haven’t connected with before, and then also the people you already know and have reached out to […]


Creating Call Blocking in Brokerage

A random approach to commercial real estate brokerage does not work overly well at any time, and as the property market is under change currently, the only way forward is by using systems of focus and consistent daily activity.  That is then a personal approach and discipline. Luck is not a good thing to rely […]

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How to Use the Business Telephone Book for Prospecting

How can you find new business today in commercial real estate? There are plenty of ways to prospect for new business. You have two main choices to make in doing that. Are you going to canvass property owners/investors, or are you going to canvass local business owners? Either way, you can create a lot of […]


Everything You Wanted to Know About Call Prospecting Now

At a personal level, every broker and agent seeking to improve their real estate business in this health cycle should be practising and refining telephone conversation systems and processes.   That is all about what to say and how to say it.  You are a ‘solution service’. Engage with people in that way. People want help […]


Dont Cold Call in Commercial Real Estate Until You Listen to This

In commercial real estate brokerage, there are a few things to understand about making cold calls and reaching out to new people.  The telephone can boost your real estate business faster than anything else, however, there are some skills to learn.  This audio program will help you with the skills of cold calling. Most agents […]


Proof that Outbound Calls Really Work

In commercial real estate brokerage, if you want to get anywhere fast with your property opportunities as an agent, then you should start making more outbound calls daily.  Sure, there are other things to do such as meetings and door knocking, but it is all a planned approach for you to master.  Systems like that […]

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