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The Simple Things That Can Change Commercial Brokerage

The commercial real estate brokerage business does not need to be complicated but it does need to be specific in certain ways. When you understand that and do these things every day, the business gets a lot easier. Note: If you want our resources for brokerage for free, you can get them here. Agent Performance […]

A Time Strategy that Drives Commercial Real Estate Business Massively

How can you build your real estate business with consistent momentum? The best rule is that the first two hours of the day should be spent in the process of client and prospect contact. That will help you build your momentum and local area coverage. Somewhere in there will be your listings, clients, transactions, and […]


What You Must Know About Listing Numbers in Commercial Real Estate

When you are striving to create market share as a broker or agent, you need a number of focus points to watch and track.  Important numbers show you what is happening and where you can improve.  Local indicators in property markets will show you the property types to work on and with for the enquiries […]

Gatekeepers Challenge Tenacity in Commercial Real Estate

Like it or not, the ‘gatekeepers’ of business exist for a reason, and in part, that is to stop random people getting through to the ‘top person’ or manager of a business.  So, that is the rule, and it is to be respected as part of your communications and prospecting processes.  Know the rules and […]

Commercial Real Estate Brokerage – Top Agent Planning

Sometimes we forget what we should be focusing on in commercial real estate brokerage; there are many things going on to create diversions and distractions.  I find the best way to handle that problem is to put a few charts around the workspace so you can quickly see what you can do.  This chart below […]

The 3 Key Rules for Establishing a New Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

In commercial real estate brokerage today there is no point in being ordinary or average when it comes to listing quality and business attraction.  There will always be plenty of competition in the location for you to work against and win listings.  Understand your town or city for what it is, and then determine how […]

A Complete Prospecting Model for New Business in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

In commercial real estate brokerage every agent should have a specific prospecting model that helps them build reasonable momentum when it comes to new clients and new listings.  Each year far too many agents struggle with the issue and let new business slide backwards, only to find that it takes another 3 months of effort […]

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