How to Increase Your Client Retention and Loyalty with These Simple Strategies

As a real estate agent in commercial real estate today, you will most likely be busy responding to inquiries, clients, marketing campaigns, and inspections. So you’ll have plenty to do throughout your working day. Throughout it all, however, you must provide expert feedback to your clients on their property listings. Your responses and feedback should […]

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Property Inspection Strategies to Get Results

When you have a property listing opportunity, consider how you will engage with the client to help them see that you are the best agent for the job. One way to do that is by talking about your inspection strategies. Here are some ideas to help your property inspection ideas stand out, allowing you to […]

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Comprehensive Real Estate Prospecting Model for Agents

In commercial real estate today, there are plenty of people to talk to and as part of that, strategies to implement as part of your prospecting model. Whether you work as a broker or an agent in commercial real estate brokerage, the activities you undertake to prospect for new business will be “foundational” to the […]

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The New Business System that Gets the Job Done

Creating any new business in commercial real estate is a strategic process and fundamentally important to new commission and listing activity. Are you looking to grow your real estate business this year? Check out this video. Every agent and broker should have their system that they work to every day when it comes to ongoing […]


Why You Should Focus on Quality Listings to Boost Business Today

In your town or city there will be plenty of listings for sale or lease at any point in time, and then there will be a few of the high-quality listings in top locations.  Certainly, you cannot win all the good listings in your city, but converting your fair share of those listings is important […]


Easy Ways to Find Commercial Real Estate Listings

In today’s video, we cover the issues surrounding identifying new commercial property opportunities to take to the market. There are always plenty of listings to find in a local area providing you diligently review property locations, people, investors, streets, and buildings. In other words, you talk to a lot of people on a daily basis […]


Engage Your Prospecting Strategies in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage for Top Results

If you have chosen commercial real estate has a career, you will need to establish a prospecting model at a personal level.  Every working day that prospecting activity needs to occur to help you build your market share and opportunities.  Failure to start the process will delay your results and commissions. Approximately 1/3 your day […]

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