Shopping Center Strategic Planning Advantages

If you are involved in retail shopping center performance and or leasing you will know the importance of planning the retail center effectively and directly.  In every location, town or city there will be things to consider when it comes to the average retail property, keeping it occupied, and building on the tenant mix. If […]

Property Management

Office Tenant Move Checklist

In commercial real estate leasing, the moving of a tenant into a property is a detailed process.  Whilst the leasing agent may have completed the leasing negotiation, the work continues when the tenant is entering the property.  In a multi-tenant occupancy, many tenants in the same property can be inconvenienced by the move of another.  […]

Property Management

Control Your Outgoings Costs in Commercial Real Estate Leasing

The outgoings paid for a property that is under lease or property management control will have real impact on tenant enquiry and leasing viability.  In simple terms the outgoings for a property should be carefully managed to control property performance. Here are some things that happen when the outgoings costs escalate in a property: The […]

Property Management

Organised Tenant Move-in Procedures for Commercial Real Estate Brokers

When you lease a vacant commercial or retail property to a new tenant, that process will not be the end of the leasing matter.  The lease commitment is the start of the process.  There are many things to be done to take the tenant forward in occupancy in the property.  You need an organised move […]


What to Know About Commercial Real Estate Leasing

Commercial real estate leasing today is a specialised process.  It requires planning and deliberate focus.  When you have a vacancy to lease, there are many factors to consider as part of resolving the problem. It is interesting to note that many landlords will try to lease their vacant property or tenancy themselves.  That is generally […]

Tenant Mix Analysis is a Recipe for Success

In commercial and retail property today, the tenant mix analysis process is a recipe for success in property performance.  It allows you to improve occupancy and income.  From a landlords perspective that is a good thing. The mix analysis should be done by the property owner and or the property manager each year and the […]

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