Converting Brokerage Victory in Current Property Market Conditions

Victory in our industry depends largely on market conditions and directed effort.  The results that you achieve in commercial real estate brokerage will depend entirely on how you match your efforts into the market conditions. The property market changes frequently, and that’s what you need to look for and adjust into.  You can improve your […]


Resolving Performance Problems in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

In commercial real estate brokerage there are times when things will become more frustrating and difficult at a personal level. That is certainly the case when it comes to fining new property listings, clients, and sustaining the momentum behind the deals and the negotiations. Everything in commercial real estate stems from the actions and reactions […]


Taking Charge of Your Commercial Property Market

In commercial real estate brokerage, you can let the market come to you (albeit very slowly), or you can take the real initiative and pursue the opportunities vigorously.  There are always things to connect into.  The clients that we serve have many challenges and factors of change. So let’s look at ways you can take […]

Tips for Building Talent in Your Sales Team in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

In commercial real estate brokerage, you should be constantly looking for new talent within or for the sales team.  This is an ongoing process and should occur throughout the year. The identification of talent can occur through a number of different strategies such as: Connecting with the competitive agents and brokers in your local market […]

Conditioning Yourself for Sales Success

In commercial real estate, you will be doing many different things on a given day.  Some days and weeks will be quite pressured with new challenges and clients to serve. The challenges of the day can overtake all the good intentions that you may have made the night before to get things done.   Having […]

Performance Excuses are Irrelevant in Commercial Real Estate Agency

When you work as a commercial real estate agent for some time you will see that everything you achieve in the industry is up to you.  On that basis, excuses are of no benefit to an agent when things are tough and slow.  Actions and systemization are important factors to underpin commissions and listings. When […]

Overcome Procrastination in Commercial Real Estate Agency

In commercial real estate agency, discipline and action are the key factors of driving better personal market share and commissions.  There is no place for ‘procrastination’ when you are a real estate agent. The agents that ‘procrastinate’ are those that struggle in many different ways.  Commissions and listings do not come easily today so regular […]


Getting Your Commercial Real Estate Sales Team to Commit

In commercial real estate agency it is critical that the sales team works together and that each member of the team is committed to the processes, rules, and systems of the office.  Remember the old saying, ‘One bad egg can ruin the cake’.  If you have problems or signs of problems with any member of […]


Educate Your Commercial Real Estate Clients

In commercial real estate agency today, you must be a ‘specialized educator and facilitator’ when it comes to working with your clients.  You should not be a ‘steamroller’ or pressurized salesperson that kills the client and business relationship. The prospects and clients in the market today are usually very informed when it comes to business […]


Commercial Real Estate Agents – How to Take the Mental High Ground

In commercial real estate agency it is easy for you to be ‘swamped’ by issues and problems.  There are some very challenging people out there that all have their own agendas when it comes to putting a commercial real estate sale or lease deal together. The fact of the matter is that we must remember […]

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