Commercial Real Estate Agent Personal Development

In commercial real estate agency it is very easy to get tied up with the issues of the day as they arise.  Your clients, fellow staff members, and property marketing issues all can put significant pressure on you.  When you work with a commission based salary it is really critical that you use your time […]

Personal Branding and Marketing for Top Commercial Agents Today

All of our commercial real estate clients and prospects will look at us differently.  Our relevance to them will be variable but it will be very important if you want to build your local market share as a top commercial real estate agent.  If you are not relevant in any way, you will not win […]

The Right Way to Build Your Personal Marketing Plan in Commercial Real Estate Agency

When you work in commercial real estate brokerage, it pays for you to have a personal marketing plan that you operate within on a daily basis.  Certain things should happen to build your business profile locally with all property owners, business leaders, and property investors. The secret to making the marketing plan work for you […]

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