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Leverage – The Strength of Marketing in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

There are always different things that you can do in commercial real estate brokerage from a marketing perspective. Importantly, you can boost your exposure with good quality listings into the local area. In today’s podcast, we share ideas regards your sales pitch and your marketing processes. In the podcast today the separate topics are: Developing […]


Commercial Real Estate Brokers – The 4 Biggest Barriers to Getting the Commissions You Are Worth

In commercial real estate brokerage today, many pressures exist when it comes to achieving the commissions and listings that you require as an agent.  Market competition has something to do with it although there are some other things to consider. Exactly what are you worth as an agent in today’s market?  It’s an interesting question.  […]

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Sales Pitch and Presentation Advantages to Win Listings

In commercial real estate brokerage you can ‘set up’ the competition to ‘fail’ by posing questions to the clients that create a new focus or challenge.  Ask the questions that the competitors will struggle with.  Talk about situations that will make the client think in a different way when it comes to the marketing choice […]

Plant Some Questions You Want the Competition to Address

When it comes to positioning yourself as a successful commercial real estate agent in a sales presentation or pitch, plant some questions in the clients mind that you would like your competitors to address.  Good questions can shift the momentum and focus of any presentation in your favour. Questions and ideas in this way help […]


Commercial Real Estate Agent – Client Meeting Success Systems

In commercial real estate agency today, it is important that you get in front of as many new clients and prospects as possible.  This should be a daily event.  I would expect every new agent to make prospecting a central part of their diary process.  Meeting bookings and results should be benchmarked as part of […]

Quality Listings Make Better Commercial Real Estate Sales

In commercial real estate, you need to be very careful as to the properties that you list.  There is a great difference in the amount of interest that will be created when you market a high quality property verses a poor one.  You need to make the right choices when it comes to taking on […]

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