Resolving the Challenges of Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Today

In commercial real estate brokerage today there are plenty of opportunities for agents to be had across sales, leasing, and property management.  The best way to tap into those opportunities will be through a planned personal approach and specific ongoing action. Get Planning It is incumbent on every agent and broker to develop and establish […]

Build Your Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Business One Step at a Time

In commercial real estate brokerage the best way for each agent to get traction and build market share is to deal with each issue and opportunity, one thing at a time; soon they will have a pattern and a plan to work to. In that way agents can refine the things that matter and improve […]


Why You Should Get the Hard Things Done First Every Day

There are some things that commercial real estate agents hate to do.  As a direct result many agents struggle with creating personal market share and achieving new listings.  Take a look at the things that are a challenge to you or perhaps those that you just avoid. Having worked with many agents for some years, […]

Superior Shopping Centre Business Planning

Every retail shopping centre should have an accurate and successful business plan. In this way you can address the key issues that will help the property perform financially and physically. There are many stakeholders to the performance of a retail property. Here are the main ones: Landlord Tenants Financier Customers All of these groups have […]

Business Planning Your Commercial Real Estate Agent Career Now

Now is the time to consider just how you can build your commercial real estate career for the year.  Every agent and salesperson should have a plan and a process that they work to every day. A salesperson without a plan in our industry is like a car without wheels.  It will not move ahead […]

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