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Effective Systems to Use with Social Media in Commercial Real Estate

There are many things that you can do with social media today. That says that you can involve and use your social media channels with commercial real estate brokerage across sales, leasing, and Property Management. Where do you start?  You can boost your business and also your client engagement strategies when it comes to social […]

Commercial Brokerage – How to Convert Plenty of Vendor Paid Marketing Monies

In commercial brokerage, the monies that you raise from the client as part of the listing process are very important to the result that both you and the client seek.  Sure, you can list a property without marketing funds, but the momentum with inspections and inquiries will be lower.  A poorly promoted property will stay […]

Essential Marketing Feedback to Make Your Services More Successful – Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

Every property listing will have elements of marketing response that are worth sharing with the client as the property owner.  If you have covered the target market comprehensively in the campaign and the promotion, then the responses you are getting back from the advertising is worth considering and comparing to other listings. (NB – you […]


The 5 Essential Fundamentals of Commercial Real Estate Marketing

When you have listed a commercial property for sale or for lease, the marketing process will be critical to the outcomes that you achieve. When you have a good property to sell or to lease, the message has to reach the target market effectively and directly; that’s your job. The tools that you use in […]

Cross Selling Examples in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

As you speak to new people in commercial real estate today, be prepared to talk about the various opportunities and changes in the local area, making sure that your ideas spread across the different disciplines in the industry. Most particularly do that with sales, leasing, property management, project leasing, and project development. You are the […]

Commercial Real Estate Brokers – Putting Originality into Marketing

When it comes to marketing and leasing any commercial property investment, you can undertake plenty of preparation when it comes to formulating the correct property promotion and advertising content. Understand your target market, the property, the client, and the prevailing market conditions.  Frame your property advertising accordingly to attract the best levels of enquiry and […]


A Guide to Personal Online Marketing for Real Estate Agents

The online world has taken over a large percentage of marketing and branding for commercial real estate agents.  Certainly that is the case with listed properties but the process is largely overlooked when it comes to personal marketing.  It is time to consider just what you can do for yourself in lifting your brand as […]

Marketing Tips for Commercial Real Estate Agents and Brokers

In commercial real estate agency, the properties that we list need to be carefully considered for the prevailing market conditions and the best marketing solutions.  When you make the right choices, you can create enquiry and build on your inspections with the right people. So the marketing process is quite special and unique to your […]

How to do a Creative Marketing Brief in Commercial Real Estate Agency

In advertising and marketing commercial real estate today, some properties will be quite unique and special.  For that reason they need a creative brief and the involvement of advertising specialists.  It is the job of the commercial real estate agent to structure a comprehensive creative brief to supply to the advertising specialists. The advantage of […]

Clear Ideas for Great Advertising Campaigns in Commercial Real Estate Agency

In commercial real estate, you need to plan your advertising campaign to attract the correct levels of inquiry and build the potential for good property inspections. It is no secret that there are plenty of properties on the market today for sale or for lease.  This then says that every advertising campaign should be carefully […]

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