Getting the Best Results from Real Estate Marketing Today

What is commercial real estate marketing all about today? The cycle of property has moved again and is active in different ways. How can you get into that? How can you reach more people? There are many ways to reach out to the people in your location and target audiences to encourage listing enquiry in […]


Marketing Solutions That Bring in More Enquiry for Agents

Create more property inquiries and hence, more inspections. That is the message for all agents today. Do more with your marketing efforts and strategies. Are you looking to improve your real estate career as we move out of this slower property cycle and into a new cycle? There are numerous opportunities for agents who become […]

Creative Marketing Strategies for Commercial Brokers

When you have listed a commercial or retail property for sale, the real work starts.  The promotional campaign is the ‘make or break’ strategy to pull in the enquiry.  You are the person to build the promotional strategy and make it work. (NB – you can get plenty of marketing ideas in commercial real estate […]

Valuable Checklist for Commercial Real Estate Marketing

The marketing process in commercial real estate is quite specific and important if you want to reach out to the right targeted tenants or buyers in creating enquiry.  At any given point in time there are plenty of listings on the market both in sales and leasing.  The levels of competition can be high across […]

Commercial Real Estate Brokerage – Marketing Is Not Direct Selling and Heres Why

In commercial real estate brokerage, the marketing process is fundamental to brokerage and agent progress.  In saying that, it is not a direct selling process.  Marketing is more about positioning and awareness than it is about transacting.  When you really understand that you can get some traction in your property market. Successful Promotion Systems Let’s […]

Important Ways to Refresh Your Listings in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

In commercial real estate, your listings should be refreshed from a marketing perspective once every 14 days.  In that way you can potentially lift the enquiry rate and have a reasonable chance of more property inspections. So what is the problem here?  Most agents and brokers put a listing onto the market and just let […]

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