How to Write Successful Commercial Property Advertising

In commercial real estate brokerage every good quality exclusive listing should be directed at a particular target market. In that way you can optimise the enquiry and the inspection opportunities. Every property advertisement should be tuned to the target market and the local market conditions.  That’s your job! As the property specialist, you are the […]

A Complete Package of Advertising Principles for Commercial Real Estate Brokers

To a large degree, the choice of media to be used in commercial real estate marketing will have an impact on advertising design and layout.  There are however choices to be made allowing for the amount of marketing spend, and the message to be conveyed. The most effective time to attract enquiry for any listed […]

Why You Should Track Internet Activity on Commercial Real Estate Listings

The internet for commercial real estate agents is becoming a busier place in so many different ways.  To effectively work with exclusive listings we should now track online listing results for hits and enquiries in a constant and ongoing way. From the tracking process we can then know what is working and what is not […]


Commercial Real Estate Agents – Make Your Property Marketing Sizzle and Attract Enquiries

In commercial real estate there are plenty of things to do in attracting more readerships to your advertisements.  It is one thing to use the right choices of media; it is another to encourage readership and enquiry.  You can make your marketing really sizzle through simple strategies. Here are some marketing rules to set the […]


3 of the Best Ways to Market Commercial Real Estate for Sale

There different ways to market commercial real estate and in saying that some are far better than others in getting results.  The choices that you make in marketing and promotion will greatly impact your inquiry and inspection results. When you have convinced the client to use your services as an agent in selling the property, […]


Marketing Secrets in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

In commercial real estate brokerage it is wise to change your sales efforts and strategies a number of times for a promotional campaign for a property.  Essentially and in doing that, you can capture more enquiries and leverage further inspections with key people. A quality listing should not be marketed in a standard single way; […]

9 Ways to Construct a Commercial Real Estate Advert

In commercial and retail property sales today the advertising process has to be well considered given that the competition properties in the local area are likely to be many, and they will be overlapping your marketing efforts.  Every marketing campaign should be well crafted to attract the right target audience and readership. So let’s say […]


Advertising and Marketing Leverage in Commercial Real Estate Listings

The advertising and marketing process in commercial real estate today should be well crafted and matched to the property type, the local area, and your target market. With many properties on the market, each new listing needs to stand out as relevant and well packaged for inspection and negotiation.  Gone are the days of the […]

Internet Marketing Rules for Commercial Real Estate Agents

In commercial real estate agency today the impact of the Internet is significant and real.  This then says that every agent should have a specific Internet Marketing strategy that applies to their promotional activities. There are two specific elements to be considered when it comes to property promotion and commercial real estate agency.  Consider the […]

Marketing Innovation in Commercial Real Estate Agency Today

The marketing process in commercial real estate today needs to be quite innovative and specific to the property type.  There are so many competing listings remaining on the local property market as unsold and vacant.  Your property listing needs to stand out to the target audience as the quality property that it is. The time […]

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