Commercial Property Information Form for Property Managers

When you inspect a commercial property (office, industrial, or retail), there are a few things to consider, investigate, and gather facts from. That would typically be information from tenants, landlords, leases, and location. There are many people to talk to and get information from. The best way to approach commercial real estate information and gathering […]


The Important Facts About a Leasing Checklist

There are plenty of leasing opportunities in your town or city.  You can work for landlords, tenants, property investors, business leaders.  Your leasing clients will be in that group somewhere.  In this video today, you can see where and how you can activate a leasing service in your real estate business. There are steps to […]

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Things to Consider in a Lease Handover of Commercial or Retail Premises

Putting new tenants into a vacant property or premises is quite common and a ‘checklist’ approach will help you cover the facts and the matters relating to the premises.    Understand the client, the tenant, the premises, the condition of the improvements, and then document everything.  Keep all your records, be they photographic, checklists, notes, […]


Key Questions to Ask a Commercial Office Tenant – Chart

When you are working with lots of commercial office tenants, the questioning process that you use is important.  Get to the point of their requirement with professional questions.  What do the tenants want and how can you clearly and quickly define needs and wants?   Think about these things for starters: Who are you talking to? […]

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Commercial Property Agents – Lease Handover Systems for Today

In commercial property, the handover of premises is a critical time to take note of important issues and matters requiring attention. These notes can later support the tenant or the landlord in any matters of debate or dispute. There is a handover process at the beginning of occupancy and again at the end of the occupancy. In […]

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