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How to Grow Leasing Business in Commercial Property

There are always plenty of opportunities for growth and change in commercial and retail property leasing.  There are tenants, business owners, and landlords to connect with.  Local area marketing will help you do that.  You can also have a focus down on property types and local businesses.  Start your plan of contact with these ideas […]

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How to Comprehensively Present Your Case for Leasing Commercial Premises

Leasing a commercial property is a simple and yet staged process.  If you win the listing, there are things to think about and talk about with the clients and your clients could be landlords or tenants.  There are some facts to share with the client, so they understand that you have all the ideas and […]


How to Find Quality Commercial Tenants in a Confused and Chaotic City

The commercial leasing market is quite lucrative, and a good lead-in point for future sales and project activity.  The overriding important issue to remember here is that ‘quality’ is a critical element when you are considering taking on the leasing of a vacancy, an asset, or a large investment property. So, the leasing side of […]


Know How to Crush Your Competition in Commercial Real Estate Leasing

In any town or city there will always be a few real estate competitors covering the leasing activities and intentions of local businesses.  That means you will have a degree of competition when it comes to winning the attention of landlords and finding the best tenants to serve.  Strategy is required if you are to […]

Property Management

Understanding Commercial Investment Property Function and Lease Control

In large commercial or retail buildings under property management and facility management there are systems of monitoring and control that are worth understanding.  That is certainly the case if you are involved in leasing such an asset. When you consider the way an investment building functions, it is a bit like a ‘big ship’.  It […]

Property Management

Formula for Leasing an Intelligent Building Today

Many modern properties today under property management control are what we call ‘intelligent buildings’.  The inference is that they have a degree of ‘intelligent function’ that is automated by a Building Automation System (BAS). You will see this level of building function and control in both office and retail buildings.   Certainly those buildings with multiple […]

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