Commercial Real Estate Brokers – How to Grade Your Listings for Opportunity

Some property listings are better than others in commercial real estate.  You should pick and choose your listings based on the quality of the property, the commitment of the client, and your chances of success. Why is this so important? Poor quality listings (and clients) can absorb a lot of your time and effort.  A […]


Commercial Real Estate Predictions for 2016

It’s a great time of year to make specific commercial real estate predictions for 2016.  Here is a focus chart for all my friends in ‘Snapshot’. What can happen? Things are now happening in most major towns or cities globally with sales, leasing, and property management activity.  If you work in commercial real estate brokerage, […]


Timely Market Information in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Lifts Inquiry and Listing Conversions

In any client conversation or sales pitch in commercial real estate brokerage it is essential that the information that you put forward is ‘real time relevant’.  Good information for the location will help the client accept that you are the agent of choice for the listing challenge or the active deal. Preparation is the key […]


The Best Things to Check First in Commercial Property Office Leasing

Tenants today are typically looking for premises that they need for their business.  In some cases those tenants do not understand the lease market rents and stock levels, and they ask look at properties that they cannot afford. Have you come across that problem before?  It’s frustrating when you may spend too much time with […]

Understand the Realities of the Commercial Property Market Today

In commercial real estate today, it is easy to get tied up in many different property issues and requirements.  One of the most common problems I see is when a new agent is ‘chasing around’ the market to solve the property requests of a tenant or property buyer.  After a lot of effort the agent […]


Commercial Real Estate Leasing – Conditioning a Landlord to the Market

In commercial and retail real estate you must condition landlords to the prevailing market conditions.  In many respects they will have an inflated view of the rental opportunities that exist when it comes to finding a new tenant. Given that there are so many vacancies around in many towns and cities, as agents we need […]

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