How to Research the Local Property Market and Take Control

The property market will always be changing.  Every year is new and different in commercial property.  The factors relating to sales, leasing, and property management are all impacted by regional and location issues.  So in all of this you should consider how you can research the local property activity and then position yourself for the […]

Commercial Real Estate Brokers – Analyze Your Property Market for Leads and Opportunities

When you get focused on the information in your property market or any specific territory within it, you will find plenty of leads and opportunities to work on.  A simple observed or discovered fact in locally can help you find a future lease, sale, or property management activity to work on. Every top agent has […]

How to Start a High Quality Commercial Real Estate Business Today

You can start a good commercial real estate business if you focus on specific property knowledge, people, and the marketing systems to get the right message into the local area.  As to how large the ‘local area’ should be for you is a question that really depends on the skills in your office and the […]


Commercial Real Estate Broker – Developing Market Reach

In commercial real estate brokerage, market reach is something that comes with specialisation of or within a property type. For example if you specialise in selling and leasing larger industrial warehouses, your reach and market penetration could be regional or national, depending on the size of warehouse that you work on. The bigger businesses shift […]

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Study Your Commercial Property Market for Opportunity

If you are to have a successful career in commercial real estate it will only come through directed effort and a lot of hard work at a personal level over the entire business year.  There will always be clients to serve and properties to work on, and they need to be found. Every town or […]

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