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Why Price Reductions are Critical Today

Its time to engage with your commercial real estate clients and help them understand what is happening with property investments from a value and price perspective.  Last years prices are precisely that; they have no relevancy today.  Sales Skills Today Your skills in conditioning the parties of a property transaction for today’s property trends are […]

Things I Have Learned About Commercial Property Pain

When you know the factors of ‘pain’ in your commercial real estate market, you will see how you can help property owners and businesses from a professional perspective.   That is how commercial real estate brokerage works.  You can and should be the solution provider. (NB – You can get our commercial real estate brokers course […]

Commercial Real Estate Brokerage – Resolving Withdrawn and Expired Listings

It is a fact that some listings will not sell or lease the first time they are put on the market.  It is a common problem that can evolve from a number of issues.  That being said, these listings do have some future opportunity for you as the local agent or broker if you choose […]

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